About Me


CONTACT: 404.808.9348.    scott.gurley@yahoo.com

Current Location:  Atlanta, GA

Education:  Memphis State University, Portfolio Center, life.

Abilities:  Thinking, writing, strategizing, marketing, managing, problem solving, collaborating, flying solo, learning.

I am a communicator. A persuader. A creator of perception – which, as we all know, is reality. I build trust, make impressions and shape expectations. Words are my primary tools.

I’ve been studying, learning and practicing the art and science of marketing for over 20 years. And after all that time, it’s safe to say that I’m more than a writer. Call me a senior marketing professional. I’ve strategized, analyzed and exercised judgment for a wide variety of clients. I’ve managed, trained, motivated and inspired other creatives. I’ve blogged, tweeted, facebooked and LinkedIN. And now I’m ready to do all of this and more for you and your clients.